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Sahyadris – The Book
By Sandesh Kadur and Kamal Bawa

On the Malabar Coast of southern India, along the Arabian Sea, lies a range of mountains known as the Western Ghats, or Sahyadris. Far more ancient than the larger and better-known Himalayas to the north, the Sahyadris harbour the most intact rainforests in peninsular India. Countless species of plants and animals live here, many of which are found nowhere else on earth, and countless of which are still being discovered. Matching this incredible biological richness is the ethnic and cultural diversity of the Western Ghats.

This book takes you on a visual journey through one of the last great places on earth - a place to be cherished, a wild heritage to be preserved for generations to come.

"The book is an incredible reflection of the magnificence of the Western Ghats."
- E.O. Wilson, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University


Sahyadris – The Documentary
By Sandesh Kadur

This documentary follows the wildlife of these mountains, from the peaks of the High Ranges, where the drama of the Nilgiri tahr rut, never before fully captured on camera, takes place during the height of the monsoon, to the thick shoal forests, home to the highly endangered Lion-Tailed Macaque, to the dry decid uous forests at the foothills of the mountains, where elephants and other wildlife wait in expectation f or the coming deluge. Also explored is the relationship between spirituality and the strong conservation ethos of India, a land of over a billion people.

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