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Jungle Safari

2016-05-02 By Admin Machaan With 0 Comments
A jungle safari is unlike a walk in the zoo where you can see all animals in cages or enclosures.  In the wild, you cannot ‘demand’ to see a tiger or, for that matter, any animal.  A jungle safari is dependent on your ‘luck’ and your group’s behaviour.  If your group is noisy and wild, then the chances of spotting animals, leave alone the big cats, becomes doubtful.  Silence is the key.  However, no one can ‘guarantee’ a sighting and nor can you demand it.
Please bear in mind that driving through a jungle is in itself a tremendous experience.  Many are so hell bent on seeing a big cat that they miss the woods for the trees.  There’s so much to see and hear in the jungle that the big cats become interesting only on us seeing them.  I have been going to the jungles since 1968 and even now astonished that I find something new there.  Travel with a good naturalist and he/she will make you appreciate the forests.  This has nothing to do with spotting the big cats or other rare animals.  So take your time and enjoy the jungle in all its splendour.

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