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Machaan’s concern for our planet stems from the founders’ belief that we need to conserve what we have in a pragmatic way.  We can all be part of the solution than be part of the problem.  A small change in our daily habits can help conserve our limited resources and also teaches our children to do the same.

The plastic bag is handy and, most of all comes free.  Thirty years ago people carried their own bags or baskets made of cloth, cane, jute or paper and used them for many years.  Now everything is in a plastic bag and we do not even reuse them.  And these darn things do not degrade but live on and on polluting our planet by leaching their chemicals into the earth and ground water.

Use the same bags over and over till they need to be replaced.  Buy plastic bags made of recycled plastic.

One man’s garbage is probably another man’s need.  In India, garbage recyclers live on this trade and are able to reclaim and recycle what we have discarded as garbage.  So pack responsibly when you travel and take just what you need.  The most irresponsible act is to throw garbage out of the car or bus or train or even when you are walking.

Put the garbage in your pocket or in a bag and take them home for proper disposal.  Eat local food, as then you don’t need to carry packed or wrapped food.  This not only generates local income but you get to enjoy the local cuisine.   Also, give away stuff that you have been hoarding but don’t need to the less privileged.

Tree Planting
If you have never planted a tree in your life, you are missing a soul-satisfying act.  And the pleasure is even more should you be able to watch the tree grow over many years.  You would have studied all the benefits of a tree in your school so just go out there a plant a tree.

One thing the computer and the Internet did was to halt the mad and rapid use of paper.  File this, file that, keep records, master file… name it and it’s printed on paper and stashed away and no one even looks at it or opens it or does anything with it till one day you are so swamped, you throw the oldest ones out.  And the biggest offender is the government.

Archive your records on the computer.  Don’t print that email.  Reuse paper and buy recycled paper.  You won’t believe the amount you save and also contribute your mite to the greening of the planet.

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