Nature, Culture and heritage

We offer a luxurious base to explore the nature.

About Us

Machaan Resorts

The Machaan Team
The Machaan team is from diverse backgrounds – corporate world, manufacture, finance, wildlife conservation, ecotourism and the hotel industry.  However, the common thread is the preservation and conservation of nature and natural resources.  Rainforest as a company is committed to sustainable development as also to provide quality services to discerning guests.  Our aim is to become a leading player in ecotourism and, in parallel, aid in conservation and sustainable development wherever we can.

Our Pledge
Machaan is committed to the preservation and conservation of nature and natural resources is strong commitment and devoted to:

Strongly committed to conservation and a firm belief in sustainable eco tourism
Provide unique travel experience for our visitors
Protection of our environment and propagation of environmental protection values
Help preserve the Indian way of life and respect our diverse and colourful culture
Help local communities to lead a dignified life by providing employment opportunities


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